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GALLICA - a digital collection of books from the National Library of France. (French)
Exerzierreglements der Infanterie (France, Austria, Prussia and Great Britain). Napoleonic Wars.
Russian Drill, 1811. (Voinsky Ustav o pehotnoy sluzhbe 1811.)
Le Service Historique de l'Armée de Terre SHAT - (French)
Napoleon.gery - Podroz w czasy Cesarstwa. (Polish)
Napoleontische Associatie der Nederlanden. (Dutch)
The German Napoleonic Association. (German)
Association Belge Napoleonennie. (Belgian)
The Napoleonic Association. (English)
La Tactique. (Candian)
Benno's Figures!
Controversially or not about Kutuzov (Russian)
Podmazo . Parhaiev . Voin . Mark Conrad - Russian Army
'Project 1812'. (Russian)
'Genstab' (Russian)
Uniforms of Italian troops during the Napoleonic Wars.
The Evolution of Napoleonic Uniforms (Austria)
Uniformes espańoles.

Colection of military figures by Nikolay Mozhak
Bruce's Nice Terrain Tables (wargaming)
Shane's House of War blog
Plastic Soldier Review
Perry Miniatures

Indianie: Lakota-Sioux, Komancze i Apacze

Thunder Mountain Tours



Roman legionary.

Austrian combat engineers.

German panzer-grenadiers, World War II.






Video: Alexander the Great - Ultimate Battles.

Video: The Roman Empire - Rise and Fall.

Video: The Roman Legion at War.

Video: The Lion From the North (Music by Sabaton).
King Gustavus Adolphus (1594–1632) led Sweden to military supremacy during the Thirty Years War,
helping to determine the political as well as the religious balance of power in Europe.
He is often regarded as one of the greatest military commanders of all time,
with innovative use of combined arms.

Video: battle of Leuthen 1757, Seven Years' War (in German)
Animated map starts at 15:20 min.
King Frederick the Great's 35,000 men routed 80,000 Austrians.
The Prussians attacked in oblique order. The battle of Leuthen
is considered as tactical masterpiece.

World War I in Color: Tactics and Strategy

Video: 40 to 1 (Song about a Polish-German battle at Wizna in 1939. Music by Sabaton.).

Video: WAR STRATEGY. Battle Tactics of Midway.
(Japanese defeat)

Video: Battle of Singapore.
(Japanese victory)

Video: German Hell March.
The song "Hell March" comes from the video game Command & Conquer Red Alert.
The official version was composed by Frank Klepacki and features militaristic
samples including marching, a commander shouting, etc. The song is extremely
popular and widely used on youtube.
The 1st SS Regiment Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler (LSSAH) was Hitler's bodyguard.
By the end of World War II it had been increased in size to a Panzer division.
LSSAH was an elite unit and distinguished itself in the war in Poland, France,
Balkans, Eastern and Western Front,
etc. Members of the LSSAH participated in
numerous atrocities. They murdered at least an estimated 5,000 prisoners of war.
The unit was splendidly trained and armed, incl. the fearsome Tiger and Panther

Video: The Sacred War (with English subtitles)
It starts at 0:25 and is one of the most famous military songs in the world.
There are a number of foreign-language adaptations of this song, among
them the German version Der Heilige Krieg and the Hungarian version Fel,
küzdelemre, hős haza.
The song has been used during the march of the color
guard in Victory Day parades in Russia.

Video: American Hell March.

Video: British Army Training (infantry)






Relaxing video, with relaxing music ... Texas style :-)

Napoleon, His Army and Enemies